Do you have trouble sleeping, snore a lot, or feel tired throughout the day? 

Well... like 1 billion people worldwide, you might have sleep apnea! 

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What is Sleep apnea?

It's a common but dangerous sleep disorder that causes your throat to close over at night while you sleep, preventing you from breathing.

It can affect anyone, at any age.

How Ognomy Works

"It's the world's easiest way to get tested, diagnosed and treated for sleep apnea, all from the comfort of home."


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We accept most insurances and will work with your provider to verify your insurance before you are charged. 


Home Sleep Testing

Our 24-hour home sleep test provides a quick and convenient way to have your sleep apnea confirmed.

“The video screening and home apnea test was the perfect way to diagnose my sleep apnea. This simple diagnosis and treatment plan saved my job, my marriage, and essentially, my life!”

Andrew W.

Current patient


How do I know if I have sleep apnea?

  • Do you regularly wake up tired or with a headache?

  • Do you doze off during the day?

  • Do you snore?

  • Do you get really warm at night?

  • Do you wake up to use the bathroom a lot?

If you have one of more of these symptoms you might have sleep apnea, so you should get it confirmed by a sleep specialist as soon as possible. Only they can diagnose you properly.

How does the home sleep test work?

Once you have your virtual consult with the doctor and we determine a sleep test is necessary for you, we will send it to your home. When you receive the test, you will be required to wear it for one night in your own bed and send it back to us the following day in the pre-paid shipping package that will be provided to you.

We'll review the results of the test and have a follow up virtual visit with you to discuss those results and your treatment options.

Do I need insurance?

We do accept most insurances and will verify coverage after you set up an appointment. You won't be charged anything until we get confirmation from you. If you don't have insurance, we do offer self pay options and can discuss those with you after you make your appointment. Again, you can cancel your appointment 24 hours in advance with no charge.

Are home sleep tests accurate?

Yes! We send you a scientifically proven FDA approved home sleep test. Your results will be reviewed by a board-certified doctor.

Can I talk to a doctor?

With Ognomy, you will have access to a licensed sleep doctor in your state who can provide a diagnosis, discuss your test results and design a treatment plan for you.

I think this is right for me, but I still have questions.

No problem. Click here to set up a free 10 minute consult with our sleep support team.

Can I speak to someone on the phone?

Yes, you can call us at 1-877-664-6669 to speak to our Sheepa (customer service) team or email us at with any questions.

Still have questions?

Schedule a free call with a member of our sleep support team. They will help you with any questions or concerns you may have.